Are you changing the length of travel on your Uhing traverse drive?

If you are, then depending on how you are changing travel length, you need to be aware of shaft vibration or you might run into some problems.

In the photo below, the traverse assembly was built for a maximum travel of 28 inches.

Linear Drive Shaft Bearing Supports
Additional shaft bearing supports help prevent vibration

Typically when the stroke length is changed (by moving the end stops) only one end stop is moved.

But in this case the application called for both end stops to be moved closer together to create a short stroke. The traverse was reversing frequently within near the center of the shaft. Additionally, the traverse was running at a high speed.

To prevent shaft vibration that would cause damage to the traverse, extra shaft bearing supports were used.

Amacoil can equip your Uhing traverse assembly with adjustable end supports but we need to know ahead of time exactly what you plan to do with the assembly.

There is almost always a way we can make the Uhing traverse work — so long as we know the application details.