Using adjustable pitch to an advantage

Linear Drive Pitch Control LeverToday we completed a Uhing assembly with the “S” option.

This option enables the Uhing traverse to move at a set pitch in one direction, and then at the same or a different set pitch after reversal. In this case, the customer needed the drive to move 0.4 inches when moving to the right, and 1.030 inches when moving to the left.

The customer was unfamiliar with the Uhing traverse and so the concept of an adjustable pitch drive was a bit alien.

Each Uhing traverse has a maximum linear pitch. With the pitch control lever set at #10, this is the distance which the drive will move on the shaft per one revolution of the shaft regardless of shaft rotational speed.

Using the pitch control lever you can then turn the pitch down over a 10:1 range. For example if your maximum pitch was 0.5 inch, you can achieve a 0.05 inch pitch by turning the lever all the way down to #1.

This pitch range — 0.5 to 0.05 inch — will remain the same even if the spool shaft rotation speeds or slows down.

If you drive the Uhing shaft by linking it to the spool shaft via a timing pulley, you can shift this 10:1 pitch range up or down. For example, if the Uhing traverse has a maximum pitch of 0.5 inch, you can make the maximum pitch 1 inch by making the timing wheel on the spool shaft 2X larger than the timing wheel on the Uhing shaft.

Uhing RG Linear Drive with Spool & MotorWith the S option, you do not have the pitch adjustability because the traverse is being set to a fixed pitch in one or both directions of travel.