About Amacoil

Amacoil, Inc.

For over 60 years, Amacoil has been helping customers save time and money with “rolling ring” linear motion systems. Serving a broad range of industries, Amacoil is the value-added distributor for Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG in North America. Uhing rolling ring drives which are used for reciprocating, positioning, and indexing linear motion processes. For some applications, in particular for spooling and winding, Uhing rolling ring drives are unmatched at lowering production and maintenance costs while boosting productivity. In broader linear motion system markets, such as the OEM design engineering market, Amacoil provides expert rolling ring linear motion guidance to explain when and how to use Uhing rolling ring technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Linear Motion Systems Products

Rolling ring technology converts the rotary motion of a smooth shaft into linear motion output. Amacoil distributes two rolling ring linear drive models: the RG for reciprocating motion applications and the RS for positioning applications. There are sizes and models to meet a broad range of application and payload requirements, Amacoil maintains a large inventory to meet emergency or routine linear motion needs. In addition, Amacoil offer a range of accessory products, including EasyLock™ clamping systems for rolls and spools.

Applications Engineering Services

Amacoil application engineers provide technical support and consultation. Using a proprietary software program, Amacoil applications engineers can calculate the specific parameters and costs involved in planning and implementing Uhing rolling ring linear motion solutions. Amacoil technical support helps assure a rapid return on your Uhing rolling ring investment and provides ongoing support to meet changing needs.

Parts, Service and Technical Support

Amacoil provides fast, affordable service and parts and ongoing technical support for Uhing linear drives and drive assemblies.


Amacoil, Inc., North American headquarters is in Aston, PA, near the Philadelphia International Airport. In addition, Amacoil has several representative sales offices throughout the U.S. and Mexico.