ARG Linear Drive Assemblies



for Spooling & Reciprocating Linear Motion Applications

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ARG Linear Drive Assemblies are the Ideal Solution for Spooling and Reciprocating Linear Motion Applications

Model ARG Linear Drive Assemblies are mechanically controlled alternatives to screws and other linear motion devices. Used for repetitive, back-and-forth linear motion, the drives reverse automatically without reversing the shaft. Travel direction and linear speed are mechanically controlled, independently of the drive motor. This simplifies machine design, set-up and operation by eliminating the need for electronic controls and programming. Example applications: winding machines, spray & coating equipment, scanning devices, other applications requiring reciprocating linear motion.

ARG drive assemblies are custom engineered for each specific application. Assemblies are furnished ready for machine-mounting including drive unit, shaft, rails, end stops, and other options as required. Amacoil/Uhing RG drive units are also available separately.

Quick Specs

  • Axial Thrust (max.): 7 to 800 lbs.
  • Linear Pitch: Variable
  • Zero Backlash
ARG Linear Drive Assemblies

Custom Engineered & Machine Ready

Assemblies are custom engineered and shipped ready for machine mounting

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