Scraper/Wiper Assemblies



for Automatic Cleaning and Lubricating

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Scraper/Wipers Automatically Clean and Lubricate Drive Shaft

Scrapers reduce maintenance costs by automatically cleaning dirt and debris from the drive shaft. Mounted on either end of the linear drive box, Scrapers prevent build up of absorbent (dust, wood/paper pulp) and non-absorbent (metal chips) particulate contaminants. Optional Scrapers are available already installed on Uhing roilling ring linear drives. Some models are field installable.

Scraper/Wiper assemblies are also available. A Scraper/Wiper assembly consists of a Scraper combined with a special grease fitting and internal felt ring. This arrangement facilitates both cleaning of the shaft, and automatic shaft lubrication.

The Scraper is attached to the linear drive end bushings. The central opening in the Scraper is snug around the shaft. As the drive traverses along the shaft, the leading edge of the Scraper wipes the shaft clean. Grease, dirt and other particulate contaminates are accumulated at either end of the shaft, and may be wiped away with a cloth. Scraper/Wipers accommodate all common sizes of grease guns. A felt ring inside the fitting absorbs and evenly distributes lubricant around the shaft.

Scrapers, or Scraper/Wipers, may be used in applications where dirt or grease falling onto the shaft poses a problem, or in other situations where keeping the shaft clean and well-lubricated is desired. Scraper assemblies are lightweight, durable and inexpensive. They keep debris from entering the actuator housing and possibly fouling the bearing assembly. Scrapers virtually eliminate the need to stop production to clean the drive shaft. They also make expensive, space-consuming bellows assemblies unnecessary.

Quick Specs

  • Reduces Overall Maintenance
  • Automatically Cleans Shaft
  • Automatically Lubricates Shaft