EasyLock Shaft Collars for your Winding and Spooling Applications

Looking for an easy and efficient way to secure spools on shafts without the hassle of special tools or preparation? Look no further than Easylock shaft collars! Our system can handle up to 1124 lbs of holding force and spool arbors up to 6 inches, all while being easy to install with just three simple parts: the tensioning unit, the pintle point, and the fixed pintle.

Choose from two different styles of pintle points to best fit your spool arbor or clamping needs. The symmetrical design is perfect for centering a spool on a shaft for take-up or winding applications. You can trust Easylock to keep your product secure with clamping control designed to be vibration-resistant and maintenance free. 

Make installation a breeze with our one-handed operation and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our collars are compatible with smooth shafts measuring 10MM-40MM, with a surface hardness of 55 HRC or greater and diametral tolerance of h6-h8. Try Easylock shaft collars today for a fast, reliable, and hassle-free solution to your spool securing needs!

Sizes and Specifications

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