Linear Drive with Pitch Turndown Capability Maximizes Functionality of Winding Assembly – Eliminates Need to Change Gearing

Kinemax Linear Drive with Pitch ControlThe Uhing Kinemax linear drive features variable pitch which makes it possible to spool materials of varying diameters using only one winding assembly, without having to change the drive system’s gear ratio for each different gauge of material being spooled. The desired linear pitch is set using a control dial on the face of the drive unit. Pitch remains constant regardless of the drive motor speed, or the take-up reel rotational speed, assuring that the material being spooled is guided onto the reel in smooth, evenly placed layline rows. After the thickest material is spooled, the linear pitch may be “dialed” down to meet application requirements for all thinner materials. Additional adjustments to gearing or controls are not required.

Kinemax assemblies also feature a mechanical reversal mechanism eliminating the need for a reversible motor. Nor are complex controls and programming required to synchronize the drive head movement with spool rotation. Drive head stroke length is set using manually adjustable end stops which trigger the spring-actuated reversal mechanism. The assembly runs on a smooth shaft – there are no threads where dirt and debris can collect which minimizes the chances of jamming or clogging. The Kinemax unit has a “rolling ring” bearing assembly which is engineered to prevent backlash without additional anti-backlash solutions such as preloaded nuts, shims or double enveloping threads.

Kinemax units provide axial thrust up to 30 N (6.8 lbs.) and a maximum pitch of 6.2 mm (0.24 in.). For heavier duty winding requirements, the Amacoil RG linear drive accommodates most application requirements offering axial thrust up to 3,600 N (800 lbs.) and a maximum pitch of 76 mm (3 in.).

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