Traverse Winding

“Moving Spool” Winder for Flat, Brittle or Fragile Materials Improves Efficiency; Reduces Waste

A "moving spool" winding machine based on the rolling ring linear motion principle has been introduced by Amacoil, Inc. Instead of traversing the material onto the spool, the moving spool winder moves the spool back-and-forth to create a smooth, even...

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Traverse Winding and Spooling System Runs Off Take-Up Drive Motor – No Additional Motors, Sensors or Controllers Needed

Engineers and production personnel may simplify spooling machine set-up, operation and maintenance, with a traverse winding system from Amacoil/Uhing which does not require its own drive motor. Instead, the traverse system is linked to the take-up reel...

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Dual Traverse Assembly Facilitates Continuous Operation of Take-Up Procedures While Reducing Set-Up Time

A new traversing assembly from Amacoil/Uhing is designed with two, side-by-side load carriers on which to mount take-up material guides. A single rolling ring linear actuator drives both load carriers permitting near non-stop production during take-up...

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