Traverse Winding and Spooling System Runs Off Take-Up Drive Motor – No Additional Motors, Sensors or Controllers Needed

Traverse Winding & Spooling SystemsEngineers and production personnel may simplify spooling machine set-up, operation and maintenance, with a traverse winding system from Amacoil/Uhing which does not require its own drive motor. Instead, the traverse system is linked to the take-up reel motor via a simple pulley system. For winding wire, fiberoptics, chain, tubing, textiles, and other materials, the assembly provides automatically reciprocating motion of the material guide mounted on the traversing nut, regardless of the rotational direction of the take-up motor. Travel direction of the nut is mechanically controlled, making it possible to reverse the material guide without stopping or gearing down the take-up motor. The Amacoil system also features variable linear pitch, accomplished by moving a pitch control lever on the drive nut. This improves efficiency by making it possible to use a single winding assembly for spooling many different materials, having different diameters.

Besides simplifying machine design, set-up and operation, the Amacoil winding assembly reduces operating costs because multi-directional motors, sensors, and controllers are not required. Furthermore, because the system reverses without changing gear ratios or other controls, longer periods of uninterrupted production are possible.

Amacoil/Uhing traverse winding assemblies run on a smooth, threadless shaft which prevents clogging and jamming. The material guide mounts directly to the traversing nut. If the guide is positioned in such a way that it might cause the drive nut to torque, a linear slide system may be used which distributes bend and twist forces away from the nut, protecting the system from torque-induced damage. Amacoil can provide design assistance, assembly fabrication, comprehensive parts/repair service, and ongoing technical support.

Pricing for Amacoil/Uhing variable pitch traverse winding assemblies start at under $1,000 for basic systems. Axial thrust capacity is up to 800 lbs., and accuracy is to +/- 0.005 inches. Travel speed may be up to 13 ft./sec., at constant RPMs, over a maximum distance of 16 feet.

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