Dual Traverse Assembly Facilitates Continuous Operation of Take-Up Procedures While Reducing Set-Up Time

Dual Traverse Assembly Facilitates Continuous OperationA new traversing assembly from Amacoil/Uhing is designed with two, side-by-side load carriers on which to mount take-up material guides. A single rolling ring linear actuator drives both load carriers permitting near non-stop production during take-up operations. When a reel is filled, the take-up feed is simply switched to the neighboring material guide and production continues without having to stop the system and re-synchronize the take-up drive with the material pay off feed. This also reduces set up time and costs.

The dual traverse assembly is fully engineered to meet customer application requirements. Customers receive a complete traversing assembly ready to install in their production line and connect to the drive motor. The distance between the dual load carriers is adjustable to meet application requirements. The Amacoil/Uhing Model RG adjustable pitch linear actuator driving the assembly provides automatic reversal without requiring a variable speed, bi-directional motor and without complex electronic controls. Operation is, therefore, simplified minimizing the need for operator training. Additionally there is no backlash because the rolling ring bearings are engineered to maintain continuous point contact with the shaft – when the shaft rotates there is no “play” between bearings and shaft.

The Amacoil/Uhing dual traverse assembly operates on a threadless shaft so that dirt and debris can not clog or jam threads. Typically there is no need to design and fabricate a protective shaft bellows. Used for reciprocating (e.g. winding, spraying) and positioning (e.g. indexing, sequencing) applications, Amacoil/Uhing rolling ring actuators provide linear movement of up to 16 feet, at a linear speed of up to 13 ft./sec., and with an accuracy range of +/- 0.005 inches (+/- 0.0004 inches with special options). Axial thrust is up to 800 lbs. The shaft will slip, not jam, in the event of an overload preventing churning and grinding which can damage system components.

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