“Moving Spool” Winder for Flat, Brittle or Fragile Materials Improves Efficiency; Reduces Waste

Moving Spool Winder for Fragile Material

A “moving spool” winding machine based on the rolling ring linear motion principle has been introduced by Amacoil, Inc. Instead of traversing the material onto the spool, the moving spool winder moves the spool back-and-forth to create a smooth, even build up of level layers across the spool core. From pay-off to take-up, the material being spooled remains perfectly in-line which eliminates lateral stress, pulling and the risk of deformation normally associated with winding flat, delicate or brittle materials which are prone to breakage, tearing and twisting. This minimizes damage to material, reducing waste and resulting in fewer interruptions to production.

The moving spool winder is designed for spooling fine wires, ribbon, tape, lace and other materials that can crease, fold or snap when traversed onto a spool. Moving spool winders are available for spools weighing up to 500 pounds (full spool weight). Owing to the unit’s rolling ring drive, in simple level winding procedures adjustments to linear speed, travel direction and stroke length are all achieved without requiring programming or electronics. For more sophisticated winding requirements, Amacoil also offers programmable models and models with optical flange detection systems to automatically control stroke length.

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