AZ Belt Drive Actuators



for Positioning Applications

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Model AZ Belt Drive Linear Actuators are Ideal for Positioning Applications

Amacoil-Uhing Model AZ belt drive linear actuators provide axial thrust from 300 N (67 lbs.) to 2,490 Newtons (560 lbs.). Roller type (R) and slide bearing designs (G) are available.

The carrier sections are constructed of anodized, torque-resistant, extruded aluminum. Uhing timing belt drive actuators offer travel speeds of up to 5 M/sec. (16 ft./sec.) with repeatable accuracy to within ± 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) at 2,000 mm (78.74 in.) stroke length.

AZ belt-driven linear actuators are used for positioning and sequence control procedures including PLC-controlled set-ups. Carrier section lengths may be combined to accommodate long stroke length requirements. Belt material is neoprene/steel cord with a tractive force of up to 320 Newtons (71.94 lbs.). The belt is robust and retains its shape over extended use.

Quick Specs

  • Linear Speed (avg.): Up to 5 meters/sec.
  • Axial Thrust (max.): 67 to 560 lbs.
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2 mm (0.008 in.) at 2000 mm travel
  • May be used horizontally or vertically

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  • Weight of load to be moved?
  • Will load be supported on a linear bearing slide?
  • Maximum travel distance needed?
  • Desired linear speed? (feet/minute)
  • Will any aspects of your application create added resistance to movement? If so, estimate the resistance in pounds. (e.g. Payload scrapes against a substrate as it moves creating 10 pounds of resistance.)