Accident waiting to happen

Uhing Linear Drive Reversing LeverWas in Milwaukee last week seeing customers. Worked with the Amacoil rep out there who is very competent and a good guy.

We saw one guy who had installed a new Uhing drive assembly with the L4 linear bearing slide. This load carrier mounts across the back of the assembly. The customer is using a Teflon eyelet to guide the wire. The eyelet is mounted on a plate. He had bolted the plate not only to the load carrier but also to the Uhing traverse.

The purpose of the load carrier is to prevent weight and overturning moments of force from being placed on the drive unit. By bolting the load to both the drive and the load carrier, this Uhing user has assured the drive unit will experience excessive wear.

Despite my recommendations to the contrary, he said he’d go ahead and finish setting up the winding operation as is. This Uhing traverse is an accident waiting to happen.

The way this guy has his load mounted it is going to greatly accelerate the wear on the Uhing bearings and the drive will start to slip. Maybe to weeks I’ll give him before he starts to see the drive slipping.