Is this you?

It’s taken me 10 years to become somewhat proficient at being able to match Uhing linear drives to applications for which they will be an ideal fit. I’m no genius. But every day I speak with folks who seem to think they are.

If someone asked me what is the key to successfully using the Uhing linear drive I’d say NUANCE.

Many customers — OEMs and end users alike — call us up out of the blue. They say something like, “I found you on the Internet and I want to order one of your medium strength drives.”

Really? Is that really what you want to do? I say it’s probably the farthest thing from what you actually want to do.

What you want is to find a device that provides linear motion, that doesn’t cost much and that is simple to use. That could very well be a Uhing linear drive. But let’s look a little deeper into your application.

Model RG & RS Linear Drive Models
There are 18 different model RG drives and 10 different model RS drives. Thrust capacity ranges from 7 to 800 pounds. Sizes range from matchbox-size to the size of a large microwave oven. Don’t make a selection without first speaking to an applications specialist at Amacoil.

Do you need to move extremely fast? Is your payload heavy? Or is it particularly big or long? Does your application require micron precision? What is it that is being attached to the traverse drive unit?

Uhing linear drives are mechanical alternatives to electronically controlled linear motion systems. But they aren’t necessarily direct replacements. Uhing drives have certain nuances you need to understand before using them.

Normally it spells disaster when you select a Uhing drive unit without first speaking to an Amacoil applications specialist about your particular application. Initially the Uhing may work fine. But if you haven’t grasped the basics about how the drive works then eventually you are going to have a problem.

Amacoil application specialists will tell you if a Uhing will work for you, and what options may be required to meet your needs. You’ll receive detailed information including drawings and data like required shaft rotation speed, drive motor torque and shaft sag predictions.

One last point — I speak with OEM design engineers who have become enthralled with the way the Uhing traverse works. It is indeed awesome. But sometimes their infatuation leads these engineers to become bound and determined to use the Uhing even when Amacoil recommends against it.

Trust me — no matter how badly we want to sell you Uhing drives, we won’t do it if we decide the Uhing is not a good fit for your application. To do so always ends up costing lots of time and money to fix.