Selecting the correct Uhing drive – we want to assist you

The importance of selecting the correct Uhing drive cannot be overstated. Amacoil understands that our customers place value on finding a device that provides linear motion, is budget-friendly and is easy to incorporate into their application. A Uhing linear drive could very well be the solution, but we encourage you to consider the following factors before making a decision: speed, size and weight of payload, degree of precision required for the application, and the product that is being attached to the traverse drive unit.

Uhing linear drives are mechanical alternatives to electronically controlled linear motion systems. However, they should not be considered direct replacements; indeed, Uhing drives have particular nuances that should be considered prior to selection. Consider the following illustrative example of the complexities involved:

Model RG & RS Linear Drive Models
There are 18 different model RG drives and 10 different model RS drives. Thrust capacity ranges from 7 to 800 pounds. Sizes range from matchbox-size to the size of a large microwave oven. Don’t make a selection without first speaking to an applications specialist at Amacoil.

Accordingly, it has been our experience that selecting a Uhing drive unit without first speaking to an Amacoil applications specialist is not advisable. Without our input, the Uhing may initially work as desired and expected, but absent a complete understanding of the Uhing’s design and capabilities, problems with the application are likely to eventually emerge. By speaking with a member of the Amacoil team you will receive detailed information including drawings and data germane to important considerations such as required shaft rotation speed, drive motor torque and shaft sag predictions.

Amacoil wants to collaborate with you to select the right Uhing drive, and if we determine that the Uhing is not a good fit for your application, we will suggest alternate strategies to resolve your needs. To speak to a professional Amacoil application specialist, call us toll-free at: 800-252-2645.