One size does NOT fit all

There are 18 different model RG drives and 10 different model RS drives.
There are 18 different model RG drives and 10 different model RS drives.

I often get phone calls and emails from people saying “I’d like a quote on (insert Uhing rolling ring traverse drive model number).”

I can approach these requests in two ways:

1) I can quote as requested and probably make a fast sale.

2) Or I can do what I usually do which is to phone or email the person making the RFQ and ask what’s going on.

Most often I get a reply that goes something like this: “Well I have been using the Uhing traverse for a while and I like it. We’re setting up another production line and I want to use the same thing. Only I think I need a little more thrust so quote me the next larger size drive unit.”

Listen carefully: THIS DOES NOT WORK.

Unless the application is identical — and I mean identical — in all aspects, a Uhing traverse drive that is your dream machine for one application, can be your biggest, worst nightmare in another application for which it was not designed.

You may say that there is “hardly any difference” between the applications you are concerned with. That may be true. And in fact, it may be that the Uhing traverse you are using is going to turn out to be the Uhing traverse you can use again. BUT …

…it takes us only 20 minutes at Amacoil for us to take your application data over the phone or by email and make the calculations to show the exact Uhing traverse model you need.

Believe me — it’s the best 20 minutes you’ll ever spend. I mean in terms of value for your dollar and getting the product you want. Twenty minutes on the French Riviera would of course be better but…

So please, please, please call or email. with your application data and let us figure out the best Uhing set up for you.

Remember — if the Uhing traverse is sized by an Amacoil applications specialist, and then used as intended — it will outlast you, your progeny and probably some of their progeny.