Ordering EasyLock is harder than it should be

Ordering EasyLock shaft collars isn’t as simple as it should be. And it’s not my fault, folks. Rather than use this post to point fingers (at the manufacturer) I’ll just cut to the chase in hopes of making it easier for Amacoil customers to order these unique items.

EasyLock assures that there is no play between a rotating shaft and a core or reel placed on the shaft. So in converting and packaging applications where there can be long cores of sheeted and rolled material rotating at high speeds, using EasyLock is well advised.

EasyLock Shaft Collar Parts Diagram

There are three parts needed: the clamping unit, the point for the clamping unit, and the fixed unit which already includes the point.

The point sticks into the bore of the reel. So when you turn the clamping control wheel to tighten down the clamping unit, the point is forced into the bore and thereby creates a non-slip interface with the shaft.

To accommodate a greater number of bore diameters, there are two styles of points. The difference is the diameter of the narrow and wide ends of the point. In the picture you can see the narrow end is the end that sticks into the reel bore, and the wide end snaps onto the EasyLock unit.

So when you order EasyLock you need to know which parts you need, and also what style of points you need. Downloading the EasyLock Catalog might help.

If this puzzle is still giving you fits, please call Amacoil and we’ll help you sort it out.

Sorry it’s so complicated, but it’s not my fault.