Repairs to Uhing rolling ring drives

Uhing Linear Drive RepairsI get calls all the time from folks who want to repair their Uhing traverse drive. They want a parts list and they want to order the parts and do the repairs at their facility.

Regardless of mechanical aptitude, repairing a Uhing drive is tricky. There are timing and axial thrust settings that can’t be easily re-set in the field without special gauges and equipment.

These items can be purchased. But even so, the process of timing a Uhing drive and of adjusting the thrust is not straightforward.

Don’t get me wrong — lots of customers do their own repairs. But most of these people end up replacing parts in the drive and then ignoring the timing and the thrust settings. Actually, they crank the thrust up way past what it should be. Because the Uhing traverse is a rugged and forgiving device, most of these repaired drives run for another year or two.

But if a Uhing drive has been correctly timed and it has the proper thrust setting, and it has been correctly sized by an Amacoil technical sales person, then it should run much longer than two years. We’re talking maybe 10 years or more.

Amacoil recommends that all repairs be sent to our facility in Aston, PA. When you get the drive back, it is in original factory operating condition. If it is being used correctly, it will last a long, long time.

We know that production schedules don’t always allow for repairs to be sent off the factory floor. So if you must do repairs in-house, we first recommend a phone call to our technician. And if you can, we further recommend a visit to Amacoil (near Philadelphia).

Even if you do spend a few days at Amacoil working with a technician repairing Uhing drives, you can’t do one or two or three a week and expect to be a pro in a couple of months. Our repair techs work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. They can take a Uhing drive part and reassemble it in their sleep. There are lots of parts inside the Uhing drive — nuts, bolts, washers, springs, screws, shims, bearings, bushings. It’s tedious but it can be mastered.

If an Amacoil technical sales person helped you select your Uhing drive, and you are using it correctly, then repairs should few far and few between.

If you think you’re having to make more repairs than necessary, please get in touch because I’m sure we can find out why and either fix the problem that is causing the repairs or dramatically reduce the frequency of repairs. And we can probably do that via phone and email provided you have some mechanically inclined people at your facility.