The numbers game

When you phone or email Amacoil regarding your Uhing traverse drive unit, there are a number of different ways to identify the unit.

How to Find Uhing Model Number, Article Number and Serial Number
Model number, article number & serial number

The model number on the little metal name tag is the most basic.

The model number is a generic number that tells us the size of your traverse drive.

The serial number is the number that is engraved in the metal housing of the traverse unit. In the picture above, the serial number is on the front of the drive unit.

But sometimes it is on the back or bottom.

The serial number identifies the exact unit you have.

It tells us the features that are on the drive unit you have. We need the serial number in order to quote an exact replacement.

But — if you are phoning for parts then we need the article number. This is the 9-digit number on the name tag.

Clear as mud? Don’t hesitate to phone Amacoil for assistance. Call toll free 1-800-252-2645.