Amacoil/Uhing Rolling Ring Drives & Assemblies

For reciprocating and indexing linear motion.
Drive units sold separately or in production assemblies ready for machine-mounting.

Reciprocating Linear Motion

RG Reciprocating
Linear Drives

Model RG drives provide smooth, automatically reciprocating linear motion. Mechanical control over linear pitch and reversal eliminate the need for a complex electronic control system.

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Backlash Free Linear Motion

RS Positioning
Linear Drives

Model RS drives offer backlash-free linear motion even during reversal. The drive nut runs on a smooth shaft with no threads to clog or jam.

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Quick Clamping Shaft Collar

Easylock™ & U-Clip
Shaft Collars

Fast acting clamping systems for rolls, spools and other static or driven shaft applications. Easy to use and install, clamps are available in two different styles to meet application requirements.

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Linear Drive Assemblies

Custom Engineered Linear Drive Assemblies

Model ARG and ARS drive assemblies are furnished ready for machine-mounting including drive unit, shaft, rails, end stops, and a variety of other options.

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See How It Works

In a rolling ring drive the inner race of the bearing is specially machined. The bearings are then mounted in a housing which is placed on a smooth, threadless shaft. Each rolling ring bearing contacts the shaft on a single point. The bearings may be pivoted left or right on the shaft. When the rolling rings are angled on the shaft, and the shaft is rotated, compression is generated against the machined inner race causing the bearings to roll along the length of the shaft. The rotary input motion provided by the motor-driven shaft is thereby converted to linear output. The angle of the rolling rings relative to the shaft determines travel direction and linear pitch (distance traveled per shaft revolution).

News & Articles

How Reciprocating Motion Works in Industrial Production Machinery

Production machinery designed to provide reciprocating motion requires an integrated linear drive assembly to move the tool head back and forth. Reciprocating motion applications include: Painting, grinding, slitting, scanning, winding, scoring, spraying – basically any task where back-and-forth motion...

Understanding Rolling Ring Linear Drives

Rolling ring linear drives are used worldwide, to meet a variety of positioning and reciprocating linear motion applications. These linear drives convert the rotary motion of a smooth, threadless shaft into linear output at fixed or variable pitch.Typically, rolling ring linear drives reduce a linear...

Traverse Drive Unit Selection for a Winding System

Cable, tubing, plastic tear tapes--these are examples of products which are often spooled during manufacturing or in the slitting/rewinding process. Converters usually make these types of products in a range of finished-spool diameters. A spooling or winding assembly is used to wrap the material around...

Linear Drive Applications

Rolling ring drives and assemblies are used in machinery requiring a backlash-free linear motion component to perform a wide range of positioning and reciprocating motion applications.

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