About Amacoil

Amacoil is the exclusive North American distributor of Uhing rolling ring linear drive assemblies and belt drive linear actuators which are used in motion control systems for a variety of reciprocating, positioning and indexing linear motion applications. Amacoil provides the linear drives separately or in custom engineered assemblies for use in manufacturing equipment requiring a linear motion component to perform tasks such as winding, slicing, spooling, positioning, indexing, slitting, spraying, loading, scanning, transferring, measuring, converting, packaging, material handling and a variety of other processes. Amacoil offers full service on Uhing linear drives and actuators including added-value manufacturing, repairs, parts and ongoing technical support. Uhing rolling ring traverse units do not require programming or complex controls in order to reverse travel direction. The speed of the traverse is adjustable without changing gears. Special enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency in linear motion are available, as are accessories such as wire guides, linear slides and shaft clamping collars.