Extra Bearing Doubles Linear Drive Axial Thrust While Only Slightly Increasing Length – Conserves Space

Two RG Linear Drive Units An extra bearing option for Uhing rolling ring linear drives doubles the axial thrust capacity without forcing users to redesign for a larger size drive. Model RG linear drives are available with 3- or 4-ring bearing assemblies inside the drive unit. Adding the fourth ring essentially doubles the axial thrust output, yet only slightly increases the length of the drive housing. For example, a 3-ring 30 mm drive (model RG3-30) supplies 60 pounds of axial thrust and has a 150 mm (6 in.) long housing. The 4-ring version (model RG4-30) delivers 120 pounds of thrust, yet the housing is only is only 30 mm (0.5 in.) longer than the 3-ring version. For Amacoil/Uhing drives sizes 40 mm and larger, the 3- and 4-ring drive units have identical dimensions.

Production personnel and designers faced with limited space and a high thrust requirement will find the 4-ring drives a space saving solution. Additionally, increasing thrust with the 4-ring option is less expensive than going to a larger size drive, saving on both equipment and design costs Amacoil/Uhing RG3- and 4-ring linear drives are available in 9 sizes. The drives are used in machinery requiring a reciprocating motion component such as material handling systems, winding machines, spraying assemblies, converting equipment, measuring systems and more. The RG drive reverses travel direction at the end of each stroke independently of motors or controls which simplifies set-up, operation and maintenance. The drive shaft continues to rotate in one direction, even during reversal, which helps streamline production processes.

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