Free Movement On Smooth Shaft Prolongs Linear Drive Life – Reduces Wear and Tear On Motor And Components

Free Movement on Shaft Prolongs Linear Drive LifeUhing rolling ring linear drives now offer a free movement lever (F-lever) as a standard feature making it possible to slide the drive unit, with its attached load, anywhere along the shaft without having to turn on the motor. The F-lever reduces wear and tear on the system by eliminating the need to “jog” the motor on and off to maneuver the drive head into place. Sliding the drive while the system is stopped saves time and reduces wear on the motor, components and rolling ring bearings, which extends the drive system’s life.

Designers and production personnel may consider Uhing drives with the F-lever for production environments demanding frequent, rapid re-positioning of the drive head. For example, re-aligning take-up and pay-off in a spooling machine after a line break. When the F-lever is turned, compression on the rolling ring bearing assembly is released and the bearings slide freely across the smooth shaft surface. Re-engaging the lever applies the necessary compression to the rolling ring bearings to assure proper functioning of the drive. Existing Uhing drives can usually be retrofitted with the F-lever. For safety reasons, the free movement feature may not be used in processes where the drive is moving vertically.

Uhing r olling ring linear drives are used in converting and packaging equipment, and other types of production machinery requiring a backlash-free linear motion component to perform applications such as winding, spraying, slitting, coating, measuring, indexing and other linear motion processes. O ver twenty sizes are available accommodating a wide range of shaft diameters and supplying varying degrees of axial thrust from 7 pounds to 800 pounds.

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