Heavy Duty Linear Drive with 800 Lbs Thrust — Reverses Direction Automatically without Reversing Drive Motor

Heavy Duty Linear Drive UnitAmacoil/Uhing has introduced the model RG80 linear drive which supplies up to 800 pounds of side thrust for heavy load linear motion applications. The drive features “rolling ring” linear motion engineering enabling mechanical control over reversal thereby eliminating the need for electronic controls and a reversible motor. Additionally, linear pitch (speed) may be manually adjusted without gear reduction or adjusting drive motor speed.

With travel direction and linear speed independent of the drive motor, OEM design engineers will find the RG80 drive simplifies machine design. Operator training and maintenance are also facilitated. The RG80 drive provides linear motion in packaging and converting equipment and in other production machinery requiring a reciprocating linear motion component. Applications include spraying, slitting, scanning, winding, and the like.

The RG80 drive is a friction drive which must run on a case hardened and ground shaft. The angle of the specially contoured rolling ring bearings relative to the drive shaft determines the drive’s speed and travel direction. At the end of a stroke the drive contacts an end stop which pivots the rolling ring bearings to reverse travel direction. The drive motor continues to rotate in one direction and no gear changes or other control adjustments are required. Amacoil offers the RG80 drive separately or in an assembly complete with shaft, pillow block end supports, bearings and adjustable end stops. Assemblies are custom built to meet customer requirements.

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