Zero-Backlash Linear Drive Assembly Requires No Additional Drive Train Preloads – Smooth Shaft Stays Clean

RG Linear Drive Internal ViewA backlash-free design eliminates the need for additional drive system preload in Amacoil/Uhing linear drive units and assemblies which are used in a wide range of converting, finishing and packaging processes including slitting, coating, x-y table movement, re-winding, spreading and spraying. Special machining and compression of the bearing assembly prevent backlash, and make it unnecessary to design-in, or purchase, extra anti-backlash solutions such as preloaded nuts, shims or double enveloping gears. The inner race of each bearing in the Amacoil drive unit features a special contour which creates a point of continuous contact with the drive shaft, regardless of shaft rotational direction or speed. There is never any “play” between shaft and bearing. Rotary motion input from the shaft is therefore immediately converted into linear output with no backlash – including during reversal of the system. The threadless drive shaft remains clean and clog-free, without requiring the design and fabrication of a protective bellows assembly.

Linear Bearing Inner RaceAmacoil drive units are available separately or in custom designed assemblies. The contoured “rolling ring” bearing design also enables mechanical control over drive head linear pitch and travel direction, without complex electronic control systems. The angle at which the bearing assembly contacts the shaft determines linear pitch and travel direction. Using a control lever on the front of the load-bearing unit, this angle is adjustable permitting changes to travel direction and pitch to meet application requirements. Automatic, instantaneous reversal of the drive head is achieved without clutches, cams or gears, and without making any changes to the motor or control settings.

Application engineers at Amacoil will provide technical support and engineering assistance to manufacturing engineering and production personnel. The drive units offer up to 800 lbs. of axial thrust, and accuracy to within +/- 0.005 inches. Travel speed may be up to 13 ft./sec. over a maximum distance of 16 feet. Stroke length is controlled by adjustable end stops. An optional “free-movement” lever permits manual positioning of the load-bearing unit while the system is stopped. The only maintenance required for Amacoil/Uhing assemblies is periodic, light lubrication of the drive shaft.

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