Linear Indexing Drive with Zero Backlash Resists Clogging and Jamming

RS Linear Drive Assembly Offers No BacklashAvailable in seven sizes to meet axial thrust requirements from 22 to 450 pounds, the Amacoil/Uhing RS indexing drive is a backlash-free alternative for linear motion systems. The inner race of the rolling ring bearings is in constant point-contact with the shaft. There is no play or free movement between shaft and bearings. This assures that when the shaft rotates the rotary motion input is immediately converted into linear output including during reversal.

The model RS linear positioning drive runs on a smooth shaft. There are no threads where debris may be trapped and cause clogs or jams. This provides built-in overload protection. If the system is somehow overloaded, the nut will slip, not jam, thereby protecting drive system components from damage resulting from churning and grinding. Additionally, more consistent production throughput rates are achievable with the RS drive because there is less downtime required for cleaning threads and making repairs.

Amacoil/Uhing RS linear drives are available in five different linear pitch settings. Machine designers requiring backlash-free linear motion will find applications for RS drives in a variety of automated manufacturing processes in many industries including packaging, converting, textile, automotive, metrology and CNC machining. RS drive accuracy is dependent on the type of controls used. No maintenance is required except light lubrication of the shaft once per month.

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