Linear Slide Option Protects Drive Systems from Damage Due to Heavy or Off-Center Loads

Linear Slide Load CarrierTo enhance the performance and extend the longevity of Uhing linear drive assemblies, an optional line of linear slide load carriers has been introduced. The slides remove twisting and bending forces from the drive unit, and from the guide rails and supports. This removes stress from the rolling ring bearings and minimizes the chance of damage to the drive system components which could result from forces created by excessively heavy or off-center loads. Amacoil linear drive assemblies are used in winding machinery and other equipment requiring a positioning or reciprocating motion component such as material handling systems, spraying machines, measuring systems and more.

Three different linear slide styles are available – two top-mounted models, and one rear-mounted model – in a range of sizes to accommodate different types and weights of payloads. The rear-mounted model is for situations where vertical space above the drive unit is limited. Amacoil linear slides are linked to the drive units via special flexible couplings which assure the linear slide and payload do not impair proper functioning of the drive unit. The slide assemblies are built into the linear drive assembly or available separately.

Amacoil Models SLS and L2 linear slides mount to the top of the drive head and are designed for medium and heavy-duty loads respectively. When vertical space above the drive head is limited, the Model L4 slide may be used which mounts to the back of the drive unit. The top edge of the L4 slide extends above the drive unit by only 1.0 mm, thereby minimizing the increase in the vertical height of the assembly.

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