New traverse winding drive for electronically controlled systems — 20+ pounds of side thrust

RS8 Traverse Winding DriveAmacoil/Uhing has expanded its line of model RS traverse winding drives with the new RS8 drive. The new unit runs on an 8mm diameter case hardened and ground smooth shaft and is designed for electronically controlled winding systems. The RS8 nut is the smallest drive in the RS line, yet it provides the same axial thrust (100 Newtons/23 pounds) as the next larger size traverse. For level winding wire and other materials under high tension, the small size of the RS8 conserves space without loss of side thrust capacity.

The RS8 traverse drive runs on a smooth shaft. There are no threads where debris may be trapped and cause clogs or jams. This provides built-in overload protection because if the system is somehow overloaded, the traverse will slip and not jam. Drive system components are thereby protected from possible damage that may result from the churning and grinding that sometimes occurs with other types of traverse drive devices. The result is less downtime required for cleaning threads and making repairs, and this facilitates more consistent production rates.

The traverse housing is made from an extruded aluminum profile. The RS8 has a standard linear pitch of 4mm. Four other pitch settings are available (mm): 3.2, 2.4, 1.6 and 0.8. An optional free movement lever may be used which enables manual sliding of the drive on the shaft — useful for easy repositioning of the traverse in case the wire or fiber being spooled snaps. If an application calls for frequent use of the free movement lever, there is an option to pneumatically actuate the free movement function which prevents excessive wear and extends the life of the traverse.

Like all Model RS traverse drives, the new RS8 features zero backlash motion. The inner race of each rolling ring bearing is in constant point-contact with the shaft. There is no play or free movement between shaft and bearings — even during reversal. This assures that when the shaft rotates the rotary motion input is immediately converted into linear output to help assure a smooth, even wind on the spool core.

Ten models of the RS traverse drive are available each with a specific axial thrust capacity. RS traverse accuracy is dependent on the type of controls being used. No maintenance is required except light lubrication of the shaft once per month.

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