New Timing Belt Drive Features Sag Resistant, One-Piece Extrusion Design

AZ Timing Belt DriveThe new model AZ1040 drive is the most recent extension to the Amacoil-Uhing line of timing belt drives used for smooth linear motion in positioning and indexing applications. The drive features a one-piece aluminum profile extrusion which serves as the belt housing. T-slots and receiver grooves for the load carriage guide bars are incorporated into the profile design. The one-piece construction permits longer, sag-free stroke lengths without necessitating scaling up to a larger size drive. In cross-section, the profile reveals a dynamic crisscross structural pattern which further increases sag resistance and overall durability.

Belt pulleys are built-in to the AZ1040 end caps. T-slots are also designed into the end caps which provide more options for mounting and integration with other assembly components. The load carriage measures 188 mm x 160 mm (7.4″ x 6.3″) and has pre-drilled and tapped payload mounting holes, and also T-slots running parallel to the line of travel. Maximum travel speed is up to 5.0 meters/second (16.4 ft/sec) depending on the weight of the payload which will also affect required drive torque and acceleration capability. The drive has a repeatability of +/- 0.2 mm (0.008″) over travel spans of up to 2,000 mm (6.5 ft).

Amacoil-Uhing AZ1040 timing belts are made of a heavy-duty synthetic rubber with a built-in steel cord strengthener. Multiple profile sections may be joined to accommodate long travel requirements. Five different AZ models are offered all of which are distributed in the USA by Amacoil, Inc. who also handles parts, repairs and technical support for Uhing linear drive products.

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