Winding Guide System Helps Assure Smooth, Even Spooling

GS Winding Guide SystemThe Amacoil/Uhing GS Guide System helps assure smooth, even spooling by keeping the wire or other material being spooled in-line between pay off and take up points. The GS system consists of guide wheels attached to the end of adjustable arms. The guide is available for Uhing traverse drive models KI3-15, RG3-15-2 and RG3-20-2 and may also be used with non-Uhing traverses.

Guide wheel arms connect to each other in a modular fashion permitting combinations of multiple arms, although normal use is with two arms only. The angle of the guide arms relative to each other is fully adjustable which provides added flexibility in set up. The GS system may be used with tensioning devices such as dancers, however, the GS itself does not provide tensioning control.

All metal parts are stainless steel and the GS guide wheels are composite with ceramic groove linings. Ten sizes of guide wheels are available accommodating wire with outside diameters of from 2 to 8 mm (.079″ to .315″). Three guide wheel arm lengths — 4.62″, 6.89″ and 9.21″ — meet most needs for spooling thin to medium gauge materials. The GS guide is assembled before shipping and lists for about $250 depending on what sizes of guide wheels and guide wheel arms are selected. Individual parts are also sold separately upon request.

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