ARG Linear Drive Assembly

ARG4-30-2 Linear Drive Assembly

Amacoil/Uhing model ARG4-30-2 rolling ring drive assemblies meet application requirements for a wide range of medium to heavy duty applications. Featuring an aluminum housing, model RG drives have been used in factory settings for over a half century to provide reciprocating linear motion in spooling equipment, spraying machines, scanners, grinders and other automated machinery requiring a linear motion component.

RG4-30 models have four rolling ring bearings inside providing a thrust of 117 pounds. Factory tested for twelve million reversal cycles, RG drives are durable and reliable. The drives offer automatic, mechanical reversal. Travel direction and linear pitch are controllable independently of the drive motor thus eliminating the need for electronic controls and programming. Numerous options offer added linear motion control.

Note: Model ARG3-15-2 Assembly shown.

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An ARG assembly consists of:

  • Uhing RG drive unit with steady rollers
  • Case hardened, precision ground shaft
  • Shaft supports with bearings
  • Adjustable end stops on stop rods
  • Guide rail

Based on your application data, Amacoil will custom build an ARG assembly to meet your requirements. An Amacoil/Uhing ARG assembly comes ready to install in production machinery. All you need to do is connect the assembly shaft extension to your drive source. If you don’t know the specifications for your assembly, contact Amacoil and an Applications Specialist will assist you.

Drive is also available separately.
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ARG Linear Drive Assembly Drawing