Kinemax (KI3-15-6) Linear Drive

Kinemax (KI3-15-6) Linear Drive

The Kinemax rolling ring drive (model KI3-15-6MCR) is designed for light duty reciprocating linear motion applications. Among these applications are spooling light gauge wire, moving small lightweight sensors and scanners, fiber/filament tensile testing and more. Reversal is automatic and linear pitch is adjustable via a dial on the front of the unit. An electronic control system is not required.

The Kinemax housing is made from a corrosion resistant composite proven durable and rugged in factory/industry settings. With seven pounds of thrust the Kinemax measures only 2 1/4” x 3” x 2” making it ideal for tabletop set ups.

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Backlash Zero
Axial Thrust max. Newtons (lbs.) 30 (6.82)
Weight of Unit kg (lbs.) .28 (.616)
Length (a) mm (in.) 58 (2.28)
Height (b) mm (in.) 74 (2.91)
Width (c) mm (in.) 50 (1.97)
Linear Pitch max. mm (in.) 6.2 (0.244)

Drive is also available in complete linear motion assembly
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