The potential dangers of retrofitting without guidance

During a recent interaction with one of our valued customers, we learned that he had just installed a new Uhing drive assembly with the L4 linear bearing slide. This load carrier mounts across the back of the assembly. The customer opted to use a Teflon eyelet to guide the wire. The eyelet is mounted on a plate which he then bolted to both the load carrier and the Uhing traverse.

Uhing Linear Drive Reversing LeverWas in Milwaukee last week seeing customers. Worked with the Amacoil rep out there who is very competent and a good guy.

When we learned of his planned strategy, we strongly advised the customer against it, and offered to work with him to reengineer his approach. His error was in not considering that the purpose of the load carrier is to prevent weight and overturning moments of force from being placed on the drive unit. If the customer does not reconsider his planned approach, the result will not be favorable. Indeed, bolting the load to both the drive and load carrier will unquestionably result in excessive wear of the Uhing bearings and the drive will begin to slip in the very near future.

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