Changing the length of travel on Uhing traverse drives

It is not uncommon to need to change the length of travel on the Uhing traverse drive. Depending on the degree to which the travel length is changed, it is important to be aware of the potential for shaft vibration. In the illustration below, the traverse assembly was designed for a maximum travel of 28 inches.

Linear Drive Shaft Bearing Supports
Additional shaft bearing supports help prevent vibration

Typically, when stroke length is changed (via moving the end stops) only one end stop is moved/adjusted. However, in this illustration, the application required that both end stops be moved closer to the center to create a short stroke. The result of this approach was frequent reversing near the center of the shaft, and the traverse running at a high speed.

To prevent shaft vibration – which could cause damage to the traverse – additional shaft bearing supports were incorporated.

Experience tells us that there is almost always a way to make the Uhing traverse work for your application. Amacoil wants to work with you early in the selection process so that customization for your application – such as adjustable end supports – are incorporated. To speak to a professional Amacoil application specialist, call us toll-free at: 800-252-2645 or Request a Quote.