Remedies to non-reversing Uhing traverse drives

Not all applications are the same. Uhing traverse drives are engineered to reverse but can also be adjusted so that reverse action is not a part of the application. As illustrated below, there are two settings: top towards (TT) and top away (TA). For example, when set for TT the user will notice that when facing the pitch dial, the top surface of the shaft will rotate towards you (top towards).

Uhing Linear Drive Reversing LeverRecently, a customer went to the trouble of shipping his Uhing traverse drive unit to Amacoil. The drive arrived yesterday and when I phoned the customer to ask him what the trouble was he said, “It’s no good.”

If a unit is set for one direction, but a reversing action is required for an application, it is not difficult to change the shaft rotation. It is important, however, to ensure that there is ample vertical spacing between the reversal lever and the release lever. If these two components are in contact with one and other on the mounting post, the unit will not reverse.

NOTE: Another reason the Uhing drive will not reverse is in instances when something is mounted to the top of the Uhing drive and the screws in the mounting holes are too long. This causes the screws to interrupt and disallow the rolling rings from pivoting and thereby prevents reversal. It is therefore advised that customers contact Amacoil to determine the maximum length of mounting screws to use on their specific Uhing traverse.

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