Fine tuning the winding traverse stroke length to improve spooling accuracy

As an alternative to the standard manually adjustable end stops on Amacoil-Uhing traverse drives, an option is now available for fine adjustment of traverse travel distance. This option enables users to meet level winding application requirements where more precision is needed in setting the winding traverse reversal points.

Remote Adjustment of travel length on Amacoil Linear Drive Assembly
Remote adjustment of travel length is for fine tuning the stroke

As illustrated, the end stops are on two hex shaped rods. Users loosen a setscrew, slide the stop to the desired position and re-tighten the setscrew. The fine adjustment option has the end stops positioned on threaded rods. The rods are extended through the pillow block end supports and a control knob is mounted on the end of each rod. Turning the control knob rotates the threaded rod and causes the end stops to move in very fine increments for more precise location of the traverse reversal points. This feature is particularly useful with fine material such as thread or fiber. An additional benefit is that operators may adjust travel distance while the traverse is running and without placing a person’s hands near moving parts and risking injury.

The control knobs are positioned on the end of the threaded rods opposite the drive end of the traverse shaft. This assures clearance for connecting the shaft to its drive source. Because the fine adjustment option does not affect the travel capacity of a Uhing traverse assembly, existing assemblies can be easily retrofitted either in the field or at Amacoil’s assembly shop.

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