Maximizing the life of a Uhing linear drive

Two RG Linear Drive Units on ShaftsThat means that the bearings put a significant “bite” on the shaft. Anything you do in your set up to interfere with that “bite” will cause problems for you.

Uhing drives are linear drives which means that the bearings apply a significant “bite” on the shaft. Anything within the set-up that interferes or alters this bite will become problematic to the system. Examples of setup and user errors that will exacerbate wear include:

Reducing or increasing the pressure of the bearings on the shaft

Using oil or silicone will reduce friction and the drive will slip

Improperly attaching a load will result in instances of overturning force leading to the drive slipping or seizing. (Note: When there is a heavy or cantilevered payload, Amacoil often uses a load carrier to make sure all forces are directed away from the Uhing drive.

However, when the following conditions are met, Uhing linear drives will perform as designed and will likely last for 10 years or longer:

Ensure the payload is attached properly

Use Amacoil-Uhing approved lubricants only

Use the drive only as it was intended/designed (examples: not underwater; not in highly caustic work environments)

The correct and appropriate drive was purchased for the specific application.

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