Understanding EasyLock’s specifications before placing an order

The unique design of EasyLock shaft collars ensures there is no play between a rotating shaft and a core or reel that is placed on the shaft. As illustrated, there are three distinct components: the clamping unit, the point for the clamping unit and the fixed unit – which already includes a point.

EasyLock Shaft Collar Parts Diagram

Per the illustration, the point is lined up with the reel and when the clamping control wheel is turned, the point is forced into the bore thereby creating an entirely non-slip interface with the shaft. This feature makes EasyLock ideally applicable even when the project includes long cores of sheeted and rolled materials rotating at high speeds.

Please note: To enable a maximum number of bore diameters, there are two styles of points. In the diagram, the narrow end is sticking into the reel bore, while the wide end has been snapped into the EasyLock unit. It is therefore important to have a firm understanding of the parts needed and the style of points required for the application. The EasyLock catalog can be helpful and, as always, Amacoil is ready to assist if you have any questions via our toll-free line: 800-252-2645.