Making repairs to Uhing rolling drives

Uhing Linear Drive RepairsI get calls all the time from folks who want to repair their Uhing traverse drive. They want a parts list and they want to order the parts and do the repairs at their facility.

It is not uncommon for customers to contact Amacoil to request a parts list because they plan to make repairs to their Uhing traverse drive. It is important, however, to consider that repairing a Uhing unit is a complicated endeavor, regardless of mechanical expertise. For example, there are timing and axial thrust settings that cannot be easily re-set in the field without unique gauges and equipment. Although some of our customers have proceeded with making repairs on their own, we have found that although they replace parts within the drive, they often fail to adequately address timing and thrust settings. (Unfortunately, when thrust adjustments are made without the proper expertise and equipment, it is often adjusted too high leading to excessive wear.) Because a Uhing traverse is a well-constructed and forgiving device, many of these repairs enable to unit to run for an additional year or two only.

Alternatively, if repairs are made by Amacoil, the drive will be correctly timed, proper thrust settings will be incorporated and the unit will have been correctly sized – all of which means a life span of perhaps 10 years or more. Accordingly, our strong advice – based upon our years in this industry – is that all Uhing traverse repairs should be made by an Amacoil technician at our facility in Aston, PA.

We do, however, understand that production schedules do not always allow for repairs to be sent off the factory floor. Hence, in instances when repairs have to be performed at the site, we highly recommend a phone call to one of our technicians. (We also offer an open invitation to all of our customers to visit our facility to spend some time interacting with our technicians.)

An additional point of clarification: If an Amacoil technical salesperson assisted you with selecting your Uhing drive, and if you are using it correctly, repairs should truly be few and far between. If you are having issues, Amacoil is confident that we can determine the root cause and either fix or dramatically reduce the frequency of issues.

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