Customization of a Uhing traverse winding

The Uhing traverse provides an efficient and smooth level wind, and Amacoil estimates that the Uhing rolling ring traverse meets the needs of approximately 95% of applications in the field.

However, applications sometimes require the consideration of customization of the Uhing unit. This illustration shows a customer’s actual Uhing traverse winding set up to which sensors and electronics were added:

Sensors Added to Uhing Traverse Winding Set Up
Sensors have been added to a Uhing traverse winding set up

In this case, the sensors monitor traverse linear speed, spool rotational speed and line feed speed. There is a controller which collects and utilizes sensor data to incorporate adjustments to the take-up spool drive motor speed in instances when the material builds up or depresses at the spool flanges. It is important to note that this is not an off-the-shelf configuration/solution. Indeed, to accomplish this design a great deal of application data was gathered so that a Uhing engineer could write a software program to address all the customer’s system variables.

Is customization the appropriate approach for your application?

A logical set of questions emerge for customers:  Is it prudent to add sensors, electronics and software to a Uhing for my application?  Or, alternatively, should there be an investigation of alternative electronics winding solutions? 

The main advantage to the Uhing traverse is that a controller is not needed to synchronize the linear movement of the traverse with the rotational movement of the spool. The diagram below illustrates that with an electronically controlled system a controller is not needed. 

Rolling Ring Linear Drive vs Screw-Based SystemIt is important to note that Amacoil can support the mechanical (Uhing traverse) portion of the larger equation. However, to navigate the sensors and electronics, we highly recommend the engagement of a person who is adept at electromechanics. If such a person is not a part of your organization, we suggest engaging an integrator with expertise in electromechanical systems. As always, Amacoil wants to be helpful; accordingly, we can provide the names of quality integrators to assist you. Call us tollfree at: 800-252-2645