Properly identifying Uhing traverse drive units and associated parts

When calling or e-mailing Amacoil regarding your Uhing traverse unit’s parts or to purchase a replacement, there are three distinct ways to accurately identify it: model number, serial number, and article number.

How to Find Uhing Model Number, Article Number and Serial Number
Model number, article number & serial number

The model number on the metal tag is a generic number and identifies the size of the traverse drive.

The serial number is critically important, as it is the unique identifier for the specific unit. When placing an order for a replacement of an existing Uhing unit, the serial number will enable Amacoil to provide a rapid and accurate quote. Serial numbers are engraved on the metal housing of the traverse unit. In the above illustration, it is on the front of the drive unit; however, it is not uncommon for serial numbers to be located on the back or the bottom of the unit.

The article number is a 9-digit series located on the name tag that is needed when ordering replacement parts for a Uhing unit.

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