Uhing drive size selection

Is this you?

It's taken me 10 years to become somewhat proficient at being able to match Uhing linear drives to applications for which they will be an ideal fit. I'm no genius. But every day I speak with folks who seem to think they are. If someone asked me what is...

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The numbers game

When you phone or email Amacoil regarding your Uhing traverse drive unit, there are a number of different ways to identify the unit. The model number on the little metal name tag is the most basic. The model number is a generic number that tells us the...

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One size does NOT fit all

I often get phone calls and emails from people saying "I'd like a quote on (insert Uhing rolling ring traverse drive model number)." I can approach these requests in two ways: 1) I can quote as requested and probably make a fast sale. 2) Or I can do what...

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