RS Linear Drive Options

C Option – Pitch

Pitch in an RS rolling ring linear drive is fixed. The RS comes standard with a pitch setting of 0.5 times the shaft diameter. Each RS drive is also available with four other optional pitch settings: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 times the shaft diameter. Pitch is determined by pitch wedges installed at the factory.

F Option – Free Movement Lever

F Option - Free Movement LeverLocated on the front of the unit, the free movement lever allows the unit to be pushed to any position on the shaft without having to jog the motor.

P Option – Pneumatic Free Movement

Pneumatically operated free movement.

R Option – Steady Rollers

Bottom Steady RollersRollers mounted on the bottom of the unit ride on the guide bar to prevent the rotation of the unit on the shaft.

SLS Option – Linear Bearing Slide Load Carrier

Protects the Uhing rolling ring linear drive from sustaining torque-induced damage. Recommended for applications where the load is situated so that it could cause twisting and torque of the guide rails and supports.

X Option – Shaft Scrapers

Rubber scrapers prevent dirt and debris from entering the inside of the traverse. Scrapers are recommended when machine oil, metal chips or particles may accumulate on the shaft of the assembly. The scrapers also prevent damage to the shaft by restricting particles from being pressed onto or dragged on the shaft by the bearings.

X1 Option – Shaft Scraper with Grease Fitting

Rubber scrapers with grease fittings lubricate shaft during operation. The addition of the grease fitting is recommended for high RPM shaft speeds and when usage is near 24/7. The scrapers with grease fittings come assembled with an internal felt ring to evenly distribute grease along the shaft.