Cable Winding & Spooling

Cable Winding & Spooling Applications

For over 70 years the Amacoil/Uhing Model RG drive unit has been used by wire and cable manufacturers and distributors around the world. The RG traverse drive is uniquely well suited to traverse winding and spooling a wide range of medium to heavy gauge materials including electrical wire, automotive tire belting and bridge cable.

Spooling cable onto reels often requires a traverse drive with a wide linear pitch range to handle thick gauge cable and large diameter twisted wire. Uhing drives have a pitch control lever which enables a 10:1 turndown on the linear pitch range.

For example, suppose the thickest cable you will spool is 3 inches in diameter. Establishing the correct gear ratio gives the Amacoil/Uhing traverse drive the 3-inch maximum pitch required. This assures even placement of rows across the spool.

Using the pitch control lever then enables a 10:1 turndown – that is, from 3 inches down to 0.3 inches. Thus, a wide range of cables with varying diameters may be spooled using a single Uhing drive assembly.

Thicker diameter cable requires a larger linear pitch than the thinner cable. In the illustration below, making wheel A larger than wheel B will accommodate the larger diameters. Using the pitch control lever to turn down the pitch enables spooling thinner materials.

Gear Ratio

Shown above is a typical Amacoil/Uhing winding drive set up. Correct gear ratio of wheel A to wheel B automatically synchs the Uhing drive’s linear movement with spool rotation. Notice that only one drive motor is needed. Both the take-up spool and the Uhing shaft are belted to a single motor.

Amacoil application specialists can determine the correct gear ratio for your cable spooling application. Once you establish the correct ratio, the Uhing traverse drive will remain synchronized with spool rotation regardless of how fast or slow the spool is rotating. This is accomplished through purely mechanical means. There is no need for a motion controller.

For more details on how the Uhing traverse winding drive simplifies winding and spooling applications, CLICK HERE.

Tire Cable Spooling


  • Electrical Cable (Heavy Duty)
  • Telephone Pole Guy Cable
  • Bridge Cable
  • Automotive Cables
  • Twisted Pair Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Other Medium/Heavy Gauge Cable Winding