Metrology Machines

Metrology Machines

In metrology machines, the Amacoil/Uhing RS linear drive provides backlash-free linear motion. Specially machined rolling ring bearings are installed under pressure inside the Uhing drive. There is constant contact between the bearings and the drive shaft – even during reversal. The result is zero play which improves accuracy in profile measuring procedures.

Model RS rolling ring drives also help protect sensitive metrology system components. A rolling ring system is not screw-based. The shaft is smooth. There are no threads where dirt and debris can become trapped. That means no clogging or jamming. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips. This is preferable to screw-based systems which tend to churn and can cause damage.

When integrated with a linear scale, proximity switches or other stroke measuring or limiting devices, Model RS rolling ring linear drives provide smooth movement with high accuracy and resolution subject to the types of controls being used. Amacoil application engineers will work with you to understand your application and will assist you in selecting the Model RS linear drive and options best suited for your metrology project.

coordinate Measuring Machine


  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Measuring Arms
  • Shape/Surface Measurement Devices
  • Profile Scanners
  • Height/Depth Gauges
  • Thickness Gauges