Positioning & Indexing Devices

Positioning & indexing Applications

The Uhing RS linear drive is well suited to multiple axes indexing equipment in automated machinery. Robotic arms, and other automated devices, have a limited range of motion because they are mounted on a fixed base. However, mounting the base on an X-Y indexing table driven by RS rolling ring unit significantly extends range of motion enabling backlash-free movement of the robot along single or multiple linear axes.

The smooth shaft provides built-in overload protection. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips instead of churning and grinding. By integrating devices such as linear scales, proximity switches or other stroke measuring or limiting devices, the Model RS rolling ring drive will provide highly accurate linear motion with fine resolution for linear positioning linear motion applications along X-Y-Z axes.

Machine Tools


  • X-Y Indexing Milling Machine
  • Multiple Axis CNC Machine
  • Indexing (positioning) Head
  • Pick-and-Place Equipment