Spraying & Coating Machinery

Spraying & Coating Machinery

Amacoil/Uhing Model RG linear drives are designed specifically for repetitive, back-and-forth linear movement. The drive unit reverses automatically at each end of the stroke. This is accomplished mechanically without the need for a complex control system and without reversing the shaft. This makes RG drives a practical and economical choice for spraying, coating and other applications where reciprocating linear motion is needed.

Uhing rolling ring drive engineering enables a reciprocating motion spraying/coating system using a simple, single direction drive motor. Because there is no programming and no special training is needed to operate, set up costs are minimized and the high costs of specialized training of operators is not necessary. Additionally, maintenance of a Uhing drive system is ultra low. Wiping the shaft down with grease once or twice a month is all that is needed.

For special spraying patterns, the linear motion of an Amacoil/Uhing drive unit is easily controlled using simple hardware options. Controlling the drive’s motion in this manner is far less costly than using other types of linear motion systems where servos, stepper motors, motion controllers and other expensive components are needed.

Since Amacoil/Uhing linear drives are friction drives, it is necessary to prevent sprayed medium from contacting the shaft or getting inside the drive unit. Amacoil recommends fabricating a protective hood or using a shaft bellows to form a barrier.


  • Paint Spraying
  • Lacquer/Varnish Coating
  • Glue Application
  • Washdown Systems
  • Irrigation Boom Sprayers
  • Pesticide Application Systems