Scanning Equipment

Scanning Equipment

Typically, linear motion for moving optics and sensors can mean using multi-speed, direct braked reversible motors, valves and solenoids, gear head assemblies, PLCs and other complex controls. Components like these add cost and complexity to machine design, and significantly increase operating and maintenance expenses for your customers.

Screw-based systems, and other linear drive systems offering automatic reversal of the drive nut, almost always require costly extras like stepper and servomotors, controllers, torque motors and encoders.

Because it is ideal for back-and-forth (reciprocating) linear motion, the Amacoil/Uhing Model RG drive is often used to move cameras, scanners photosensors and similar devices traveling in a linear path.

In an Amacoil/Uhing linear drive assembly, the travel length or stroke length may be set using the manually operated end stops shown in the photograph. At the end of its stroke, the mechanical reversal mechanism on the drive is triggered and the unit reverses direction. The shaft does not need to be reversed and continues to rotate in one direction. No adjustments to controls are needed. Reversal is automatic and purely mechanical.

This means a reciprocating motion system to move sensors or scanners does not require expensive components like motion controllers, clutches, cams and gearing systems. A Uhing ARG linear motion system needs no programming or electronic control system.

Scanning Assembly Applications

Additionally, fine adjustment of linear speed is achieved by turning the pitch control lever on the Uhing drive. The lever controls the angle of the rolling ring bearings relative to the shaft, and this controls travel speed. You don’t need to worry about gearing systems or variable speed motors.

A rolling ring linear drive helps you eliminate the need for programming and electronic controls thereby simplifying machine design and operation. You also reduce maintenance costs because low maintenance rolling ring drives require only periodic shaft lubrication.

Because spraying applications can often involve is the drag created by pressurized hoses or heavy spray heads. To alleviate the moments of force placed on the Uhing drive unit, Amacoil incorporates a linear bearing slide load carrier into the assembly. The load carrier transfers unwanted forces away from the drive unit.

Amacoil can supply you with Uhing rolling ring linear drives separately, or in custom assemblies ready to install in your machinery. Our technical support personnel will help you select the right Uhing linear drive for your application. Amacoil also provide parts, repair and rebuild service on all Uhing products.


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