Material Handling Systems

Material Handling Applications

In material handling systems, Model RS rolling ring drives provide smooth linear movement. The inherent low maintenance of RS drives make them well suited for material handling systems such as conveyors and other devices subject to the wear and tear resulting from high usage rates.

Typically, power transmission devices used in material handling systems have joined or mated parts. Between joined parts there must be a small amount of clearance. This creates a degree of play between the contacting surfaces in drives such as ball screws, gears, belts, and other linear motion devices. The result is backlash which creates varying degrees of inaccuracy.

Countering backlash with mechanical solutions like shims and mechanisms designed to preload the geartrain is common but can get costly. Because material handling systems are generally in use at or near 24/7, it is desirable to eliminate backlash with a rugged device that won’t wear down and won’t require frequent repairs and downtime.

Model RS drives have zero backlash – this is inherent in rolling ring design. Additionally the smooth shaft won’t collect debris and remains clog and jam free. Configurable for vertical or horizontal travel, the RS drive operates on a smooth shaft at rotational speeds of up to 10,000 rpm* and linear travel speeds of up to 5 ft./second.* Eight sizes offer axial thrust up to 450 lbs.

*Depending on RS model used.

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