Converting & Packaging Machinery

Converting & Packaging Machinery Applications

Automated equipment such as packaging and converting machinery often have a requirement for a linear drive component. In these machines, the drive is used to move tool heads performing tasks such as printing, scoring, slitting, rewinding, slicing, cutting, spraying and coating.

Amacoil/Uhing rolling ring linear drives can often meet converting/packaging machine design needs without creating the need for multi-speed, direct braked reversible motors, valves and solenoids, gear head assemblies, PLCs and other complex controls. The Uhing drive basically eliminates the need for programming and electronic controls thereby simplifying machine design, operation and maintenance.

This is because a Uhing rolling ring drive is mechanically controlled without complex electronics. This simplifies machine design to save time and money, and helps increase customer satisfaction levels by making machine operation and maintenance easier and less costly.

With an Amacoil/Uhing linear drive, automatic reversal and linear pitch are mechanically controlled – completely independent of the drive motor speed and shaft rotational direction. Gearing systems and variable speed motors are not needed. The Uhing rolling ring drive is the mechanical alternative enabling you to meet linear motion application requirements more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

Specially machined bearings inside the rolling ring linear drive unit convert rotary input motion into linear output. The bearings are under pressure and maintain constant contact with the drive shaft – even during reversal. The result is zero play between the bearings and the shaft. Anti-backlash solutions such as preloaded nuts, shims or double enveloping gears are not required.

Additionally, a rolling ring system isn’t screw-based. The shaft is smooth. There are no threads where dirt and debris can become trapped. That means no clogging or jamming – and no need to stop the system to clean the shaft. Nor do you need include a protective bellows assembly in your design. This simplifies set up and maintenance.

The smooth shaft in a Uhing assembly also provides built-in overload protection. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips. Screw based systems tend to churn and can damage valuable system components. The Uhing


  • Packaging Equipment (sealing, coating, spraying)
  • Converting Machinery (slitting, slicing, scoring, rewinding)
  • Scanning Systems
  • Other Machinery (with a linear motion requirement)