Wire Winding & Spooling

Wire Winding & Spooling applications

For over 70 years the Amacoil/Uhing Model RG drive unit has been used by wire and cable manufacturers and distributors around the world. The RG traverse drive is uniquely well suited to spooling a wide range of fine and medium gauge materials including electrical wire, thermocouple wire and braided wire.

The illustration on the left below shows a typical Uhing winding drive set up. Notice that only one drive motor is needed. Both the take-up spool and the Uhing shaft are belted to a single motor.*

Further notice that unlike the screw-based system shown on the right below, there is no motion controller needed to synchronize the linear movement of the traverse drive with the rotation of the spool. There is no need for a controller because the gear ratio between the Uhing drive shaft and the spool shaft automatically synchronizes the RG drive’s linear pitch with spool rotational speed.

Rolling Ring Linear Drive vs Screw-Based System

Amacoil application specialists can calculate the correct gear ratio for your wire spooling application. Once you establish the correct ratio, the Uhing traverse drive will remain synchronized with spool rotation regardless of how fast or slow the spool is rotating. This is accomplished through purely mechanical means.

The Uhing traverse winding drive has remained a central part of spooling systems in the US and abroad because the Uhing drive enables a variable pitch spooling system without the need for a complex electronic control system. For more details on how the Uhing traverse winding drive simplifies winding and spooling applications, CLICK HERE.

*The Amacoil/Uhing model RG drive may also be driven via a motor connected directly to the Uhing drive shaft. For winding/spooling applications, however, the unique benefits of the RG drive are realized only when the Uhing drive shaft is belted to the take up spool shaft.

Braided Wire Winding


  • Electrical Wire
  • Soldering Wire
  • Small Spring Wire
  • Thermocouple Wire
  • Fuse Wire
  • Braided Wire
  • Other Fine & Medium Gauge Wire