Rope & Cord Winding & Spooling

Rope & Cord Winding & Spooling Applications

For over 70 years the Amacoil/Uhing Model RG drive unit has been used by rope and cord manufacturers and distributors around the world. The RG traverse drive is uniquely well suited to spooling a wide range of twisted and braided materials including rope, cord, twine and string.

Spooling rope and cord onto reels requires a traverse winding drive capable of handling a wide range of line diameters and an equally wide range of spool dimensions. The Amacoil/Uhing winding drive meets these requirements without requiring additional components like motion controllers, gears or cams.

An Amacoil rope winding assembly is built to meet maximum application requirements. For example, if the thickest material being spooled is 2-inch diameter rope, and the thinnest is 0.3-inch twine, the Uhing ARG winding drive assembly will be sized using the 2-inch diameter material.

Once the correct gear ratio is set between the Uhing shaft and the spool shaft, an Amacoil/Uhing ARG traverse winding drive is adjustable to meet the complete range of material diameters. Adjusting the Uhing assembly is purely mechanical and does not require a complex control system. To accommodate level winding of different diameter materials, an operator simply moves the pitch control lever on the drive unit.

In the rope/twine example above, the highest pitch setting (#10) will be for the 2 inch diameter rope. Moving the pitch lever down the scale will reduce the traverse drive’s pitch to match the 0.3 inch diameter twine. All of the settings in between may be used to handle other materials of varying diameters.

Pitch Control Lever

Inset shows close up of the pitch control lever on a Uhing level winding drive assembly. The lever enables a 10:1 turndown on linear pitch so that thick and thin rope or other materials may be spooled using a single Uhing drive.

Uhing traverse winding drive simplifies winding and spooling applications, CLICK HERE for more information.

Rope & Cord Winding


  • Rope (All types including: twisted/braided, nylon, hemp, manila, polypropylene, polyester)
  • Velour Rope
  • Stanchion Rope
  • Twine
  • Cord
  • String